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5 Ways to Spot a Shoplifter on Your Security Cameras

February 11, 2019

$35 million worth of goods are stolen from retailers every day. Isn’t that mind-blowing?


Having security cameras makes your business more secure – as long as you know what you’re looking for. Being able to spot a potential theft before the shoplifter leaves the store can not only save you money, it serves as a great deterrent.

 Your cameras are excellent for helping solve crime after the fact, of course. But why not catch someone in the act? Here are five signs to look for.


Disturbances by Large Groups

If a large number of people come into your store and suddenly there’s a disturbance, that’s a sure sign to check the security cameras in nearby areas of the store.

 Often, these disturbances are used to draw the attention of employees and security personnel so that thieves can work undetected.

 When you have multiple cameras, you can keep an eye on a group without losing sight of the rest of your store.


Suspicious Behavior During Shift Changes or Busy Times

Those who shoplift frequently pay attention to traffic patterns at your store. They know when you tend to be busy and when a shift is about to end.

 You might consider having your security personnel change shifts about 30 minutes before the rest of your staff does. This gives your security fresh eyes to keep watch during a vulnerable time.

 Thieves know that people are less vigilant at the end of their shift, and are likely to avoid trouble to avoid working late. They take advantage, so be sure you’re watching.


Spending a Lot of Time in the Store Without a Purchase

If you notice that a customer is loitering in your store, or spending a lot of time near the entrance or exit without making a purchase, that’s someone to keep an eye on.

 Use your security cameras to follow that person to see if you notice any other suspicious activity. Notice if they are wearing baggy clothes, are carrying a bag, or have a stroller. These are places that thieves commonly stash stolen items.


Exiting a Dressing Room With Fewer Items

Thieves work in groups to distract or confuse dressing room attendants, so use your security cameras to provide backup. You should also establish clear guidelines, such as giving each person a number to indicate how much they took in and counting to ensure it’s the same coming out.

 Yes, it may take customers a few extra moments at the changing desk, but it’s worth it to protect an especially vulnerable part of your store.


Eyes on Everything Except What They’re Doing

Someone who’s eyes don’t match their actions may be trying to steal something without being detected. For instance, someone who watches staff more than shopping, or who picks things up while looking away is exhibiting suspicious behavior.

 People who are shopping are interested in the goods on the shelf, while thieves are interested in where cameras or staff are working. You can often spot the difference!


Use Security Cameras to Protect Your Store

Reducing the amount of theft you suffer can mean the difference between profitability and failure. Security cameras can make a big difference by giving your employees much-needed backup.

 Only 3% of shoplifters are professionals – most are amateurs who shoplift occasionally. That means you can more easily detect them. Be sure you’re using your store security to its full advantage!

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