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Access Control & More: Students Staying Safe at College

September 8, 2018

Young adults all over the country are starting college, some for the first time. Many of these students are far from home and living either in apartments or dorms.
Staying safe at college is essential, and unfortunately there are more dangers than ever. Wise students won’t just focus on their studies, but equally much on their safety.
Fortunately, there are a lot of steps college students can take, from choosing residences with access control to taking personal security steps. Here are some tips for staying safe at college!


Choose a School With Excellent Security

Generally, financial aid and educational programs are the top considerations when it comes to choosing a college. That makes a lot of sense! However, it also pays to know the school’s security record and safety measures.
Some schools have a lot of security around campus, and others take it less seriously. From dorms with access control to blue light security phones around campus, find out what the school has available. Practice looking for security measures, and make sure you know how to use them if you need to.


Keep Your Dorm Room Locked

Even if your school has access control measures to get into the dorm building, you need to protect yourself against other residents. A large percentage of campus crimes are property theft and vandalism.
To protect your belongings, especially expensive computers and technology, keep your dorm room locked whenever you leave – even just for a few minutes. It doesn’t take long for someone to grab your cell phone or laptop!
Be sure that your roommate shares the same commitment to security. If he or she lets someone in, or doesn’t lock the door, both of you could have your property compromised.


Travel With Friends Around Campus

One of the most dangerous things you can do is travel around campus alone. If it’s during the day and a lot of students are going to and from class, you may not need a specific group with you. But if most people aren’t out, choose at least one friend to walk with.
If you have night classes, find a way to travel with other classmates to get there. You can also choose to drive instead of walk if it makes sense on your campus.
You can also design your schedule for maximum safety by avoiding classes that are especially late, unless they are required for your major.


Choose Access Control in Off-Campus Housing

If you live off campus, you want to make sure you choose a good area. Unfortunately a lot of the most affordable apartments are in neighborhoods that are not especially safe.
Instead, try choosing a safer apartment even if it means paying a bit more. You can get friends together to be roommates with you, which reduces costs and can increase safety (if your friends are wise!)
If you can find an apartment that has access control built in to the building, such as locked doors leading into the apartment building in addition to locking apartment doors, you’ll have better safety than an unsecured building.
In addition, get together with your roommates and make clear rules about safety. Discuss the importance of not bringing strangers into the apartment, keeping all valuables locked up as much as possible, and locking the apartment when you leave.
It may feel like a “killjoy” conversation, but every security step you can take lessens your chance of being a victim in the future.
If you want help with access control or other security systems in your Little Rock apartment or home, we’re here to help. Contact us for more information today!