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5 Benefits Of A Locally-Based Security Company

February 1, 2018

ICU Protection, LLC is a locally-based alarm company with locations in Conway, AR and Sherwood, AR. Thanks to our teams exceptional, timely service and expertise we have received an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

While you are considering different alarm companies to install and monitor your home security system, consider why a local business might be a better option for you. Here are a few reasons why so many central Arkansas home and business owners* have chosen ICU Protection for their security needs.


1. Every Customer Matters.

If we fail to meet the safety needs our customers expect of us, it will resonate through our whole business. Larger alarm companies can afford to have a few poor reviews.

At ICU Protection, we value the community we serve. Our business was created so that home and business owners in the Little Rock metro area had the option of choosing a security company that treated them as their own friends and neighbors.

2. Alarm Companies don’t know the Area, but we Do.

The Little Rock metro area has very specific needs. Each neighborhood has unique characteristics and safety concerns that we take into consideration. We monitor crime trends, traffic, and other data for the central Arkansas area and build systems for our customers accordingly.  

Larger alarm companies that provide service all over the country can’t know the specific needs of each neighborhood. There are plenty of statistics to work with, but when it comes down to it, someone who knows the area will have a better understanding of the best places to position a camera and more.

3. Local monitoring.

Large alarm companies have to go through several steps before reaching the right person to assist the customer. If their system needs repair, it could take weeks. Should an emergency happen, the information will get passed through dispatch systems before getting to the right area.

ICU Protection is located in Conway, AR and Sherwood, AR. Our team is trained to install, repair, and monitor your home security system. If there is a problem, we’ll be on our way to fix it in no time.

Should there be an emergency, our alarm systems will contact the correct emergency service for the Little Rock metro area. Our monitoring system is right here in central Arkansas. Customers have the option of stopping by and seeing first-hand how we do business.

4. Support the local economy.

Every dollar you spend at a local business goes toward the local economy. This creates sustainable jobs and more benefits for central Arkansas.

5. Personalized security.

Our goal is to build a quality relationship with each customer. That means understanding their unique needs and working with the budget they have. We will work with you in ways that a larger company simply can not.

The most budget-friendly security system is the one that only meets your specific needs. Nothing extra.

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*Business security systems are an invaluable investment for business owners. Click here to learn more.