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How to Avoid Getting Locked Out This Winter

Did you know 28% of Americans misplace their keys at least once a week? Getting locked out any time of year is frustrating, but in the winter it can be uncomfortable and even dangerous. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do with your home security to help ensure you...

How to Make Your Home Less Attractive to Burglars

Do you ever wish you could get into the mind of a thief and find out what it is they look for when they target homes? Of course, you know they look for overgrown bushes, big fences, and an easy way to not be seen. But if you’ve fixed that, what else do they look for?...

Unusual Benefits of a Home Security System

Most people get home security for one reason – to keep thieves out! That’s a perfectly good motivation, of course. You want your home and belongings to be secure. However, many people don’t realize that there are many more benefits to a home security system than just...

How Your Alarm System Works During a Power Outage

Little Rock has a very reliable electrical grid, but things can happen at any time that knocks out power to your home. Perhaps nearby construction hit a line, or a storm put out power for the whole block. Is your home alarm secure during a power outage? Fortunately,...

Home Security Tips for Older Children Home Alone

With school getting out between 3pm and 4:30pm each day, but most parents working until 5pm, many children are home alone.   It’s not just about cost – affluent families also allow children to spend time alone after school. While some see it as risky, others see...

Home Security Steps for an Apartment

If you live in an apartment, you may think you don’t need home security. After all, isn’t that the landlord’s problem? Far from it! The truth is that multi-unit buildings are prime targets for problems of all types. You are slightly safer if there is access control to...

Stay Safe: Signs of a Door-to-Door Scam

People are constantly trying to outsmart security systems, and they often do it by convincing homeowners to let them into the property. There are many pretenses used, and door-to-door scams are very common. Once a criminal is inside your home, they can look over the...

Family & Home Security During Halloween

Halloween can be a fun time, especially for those with children. There’s nothing like dressing up in costumes, going out, meeting friends, and having treats. Even adults get in on the action, with Halloween parties and preparation for kids going door-to-door for...

Fall Tips for Home Security

Days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler. How can you prepare your home for fall – not just in terms of maintenance, but in terms of home security? The good news is that there are several steps you can take to keep your home safer this fall. While...

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