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Business Security Systems


Security & Surveillance

We know how much you have worked and invested in your place of business. You deserve peace of mind in knowing that your assets are protected. ICU can take care of all of your security camera, alarm system, and monitoring needs.

Security Cameras

Let ICU’s professionals install your audio equipment to create a high-quality experience for your clients and customers. Having a high-quality audio system with music can support your business’s brand identity and will give your customers positive vibes that will keep them coming back for more. Let ICU come to install it correctly the first time so your audio system runs seamlessly, efficiently, and easily!

Alarm Systems

ICU offers you peace of mind all the time with our professionally installed alarm systems. We have systems that fit every budget size and need, to ensure that you and your business can rest easy knowing ICU has your back. From fire alarms, to motion sensors, to temperature controls, our systems can do it all. We even have a range of smart home style products so you stay in control of your business regardless of how far away you are. Contact us today and let us show you what ICU can do!

Monitoring Systems

Wouldn’t you like to know that in the event of an emergency in your business while you were away, someone would still be able notify the authorities to stop a potential theft or loss due to fire? ICU’s monitoring systems are staffed 24/7 by security professionals who keep on eye on your assets even when you can’t. They are able to send emergency services to the location even if you’re on the other side of world. Crime and emergencies don’t take holidays – neither should your security plans. Contact us today to get the peace of mind you deserve!


ICU is a great company that has a great owner. They provide exceptional customer service at an unbeatable value. They have my home security as well as my business security and cameras. They stand behind their product and do a great job installing.

-Trey Goacher

The technicians from ICU came in and within a hour, had installed our system. They spent the extra time making sure that I was happy with the system and knew how to operate it. They have me asking… Got cameras???

-Dwayne Smith

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Why Do Our Security Cameras Only Store Footage When There Is Movement?

Home and business owners don’t install security cameras to watch their grass grow.   That is why Billy Mac and the team at ICU Protection install motion-activated cameras. These motion detectors are programmed to watch for unusual movement—they don’t save data every...

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