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Family & Home Security During Halloween

October 4, 2018

Halloween can be a fun time, especially for those with children. There’s nothing like dressing up in costumes, going out, meeting friends, and having treats.

Even adults get in on the action, with Halloween parties and preparation for kids going door-to-door for candy. It’s a festive time for everyone!

Unfortunately, because so many people are walking around neighborhoods and wearing customers is par for the course, it can be a dangerous time for home security. Here are some tips to help you and your family stay safe and enjoy the season!


Keeping Everyone Safe During Trick or Treat

Family security is even more important than home security to most people. Children are always eager to head out and start gathering candy as soon as the sun goes down. However, take a few extra minutes to make some preparation that will keep everyone safe.

Black is a common color costume, so find ways to keep yourself and your children visible to others, especially drivers. Reflective tape can really help.

Encourage everyone to use the buddy system. Unfortunately, with so many kids out, people with bad intentions have an easier time. Remind your kids to never enter another person’s house, no matter what they are told or promised.

Finally, if you’re doing any driving during trick-or-treat hours, be especially careful. Kids aren’t likely to be paying attention and may run into the road to see their friends or get to another house.


Practicing Home Security on Halloween

Homes are at risk during trick or treating because there’s so much going on that unusual activity is harder to spot. Also, many people are outside their homes at parties or taking children around the neighborhood, leaving an empty house behind.

Make sure your home security alarm system and outdoor cameras are functioning correctly several days before Halloween. You don’t want to arrive home to a problem only to discover your camera wasn’t recording!

Watch for any unusual people or actions, not only at your own home but at the neighbors as well. Halloween is a common night for vandalism, pranks, and theft.

Whoever is in charge of welcoming trick-or-treaters should always look outside before opening the door. That way you can ensure that there are kids in costumes and not someone else looking for easy entry!

Finally, make sure your home security system is armed and active if you leave the house for a party or other event. Your security is your eyes and ears while you are away!


Get the Security You Need Today

Are you getting ready for Halloween but you don’t have a home security system? Getting one before Halloween and other holidays can help you feel especially prepared. It’s an unfortunate reality that people take advantage of goodwill, common holidays, and a lot of activity around the neighborhood to commit crimes.

It pays to have someone looking out for you when you’re away. Whether you choose a traditional alarm, video systems, or a combination, we have everything you need.


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