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5 Best Places To Put Home Security Cameras

February 3, 2018

If you are considering installing professional grade home security cameras, our professional installers will help you determine where cameras will be most beneficial, inside and outside your home. Every home and business has unique security needs. We’ll make sure your view is right every time. Considering where the best place would be to position home security cameras? Swing by our blog here to see why you even need security cameras in the first place.

Here are a few tips.


1. Home Security Camera for the Front Door

The first place you should consider installing a security camera is your front door. It is estimated that 34% of break ins happen from the front door. A front door security camera will also help you deter would-be package thieves.


2. The Backyard.

A wide angle camera facing your backyard has many benefits. You can check on pets, see what the weather is like, watch for wild animals, and more. The wide view cameras that are recommended for backyards might not provide enough detail to identify the intruder, but they will be enough to activate your security system.


3. Windows.

Ground floor windows are always a great place to install security cameras. Especially the windows that are out of view from the street.


4. The Garage.

If you are having a problem with bike theft or want to keep expensive lawn equipment safe, place a camera on the inside of your garage, at an angle. A camera inside your garage should try and get a view of the whole garage. This way you can determine how the thief is entering your garage and what they stole.


5. The Stairway.

The best place to catch a view of an intruder’s face is the stairway. When you home is being robbed, the thieves want to get in and out quick. Camera angles inside doorways might not get the chance to see the intruder well enough to make an identification. At your staircase, however, takes more time to navigate and a camera placed there will likely get two chances at seeing the intruders face.

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