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Home Security Tips for Older Children Home Alone

November 5, 2018
With school getting out between 3pm and 4:30pm each day, but most parents working until 5pm, many children are home alone.


It’s not just about cost – affluent families also allow children to spend time alone after school. While some see it as risky, others see it as a normal part of kids growing up. In fact, some of these parents were probably latchkey kids themselves!


The good news is that there are many home security steps parents can take to keep kids safe at home. Technology like this makes that easier than it’s ever been.


Here are some tips for your older children home alone.


Make Sure Your Kids Are Old Enough

Generally, it’s not recommended to leave any young person who is under 10 years old home alone. In a couple of states, there are laws about how young a child can be: Maryland is age eight, Oregon it’s 10, and Illinois is age 14.


In other states, the Department of Health and Human Services has standards they set. These include age, maturity, safety of the area the child is in, and more.


The more steps you take to ensure your home security, the safer your child will be, whether they are 17 or 12.


Of course, you know your children far better than anyone else. It’s important to make sure they have the maturity and trustworthiness they need before you let them spend time home alone.


Set Standard Rules

The next steps are to have specific rules that govern what can happen when your kids are home alone. Make sure they understand that these are for home security and their personal safety.


Some rules might include:

  • Calling to check in when they arrive home
  • Not having friends over without you home
  • Not opening the door if someone knocks
  • Doing homework before playing or getting on the computer
  • Not leaving the yard or local street until you come home


The goal is to keep your kids safe and accounted for until you get home, without being overly paranoid or over-protective.


These rules are just ideas, of course – only you know what’s best for your family.


Have the Right Home Security Systems in Place

Finally, having the right home security available at your house will do a lot to help your kids stay safe. Security cameras can help you keep an eye on all areas outside your home.


As an added bonus, you can even check in on your property from work or wherever you are!


You can also install alarm systems, monitoring systems, and more. Use the technology that’s at your disposal – security does not have to be a guessing game. You can secure your property fully whether or not you’re home.


Get High-Quality Security Systems Today

If you don’t have home security systems in place, you’re right to feel insecure about your children being home alone. No matter how older your kids are, security equipment will make a big difference in their safety.


If you’d like help getting security systems going, we’d love to help. Contact us for more information today!