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How To Keep Your Dog From Barking With Wireless Security Cameras

July 19, 2018

Does your dog bark at every distant noise outside the house, or whenever the smallest of disturbances — say an unfamiliar leaf — enters your lawn?

When your home is equipped with wireless security cameras, you know your home is safe. Your dog may need more convincing. We’re not suggesting that you train your dog to check your security feeds while you are away or during the night   but if you do that please let us know that would be awesome.
Here are a few things you should understand about home security and dogs.


Why do dogs bark at the faintest noise or slightest movement outside?

The short answer is: They love you.
The long answer is: Your dog has better hearing than you and they don’t understand how the United States Postal Service works.
Dogs are naturally territorial. When they detect that something is invading their territory they react to protect their pack.
The next time your dog is barking at a passer-by, notice how their barking gets louder as the “threat” gets closer. They are sounding the alarm to protect their territory and warn you of the potential threat.


How do you get your dog to remain calm even when they think an intruder is closing in?

There are many ways to train a dog to stop barking. One way to stop your dog from barking at outside sights and sounds is to make them feel safe. This takes a little practice because you need to communicate a calming emotion while your dog is barking like crazy.
Your dog looks to you to determine how to feel and react to a situation. Here is a quote from Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer:

“… Then you need to step up and claim that stimulus as your own. Use your body, your mind, and your calm-assertive energy to create an invisible wall that your dog is not allowed to cross. Do it with 100% dedication and focus, and the results may surprise you.”

The goal is yo get your dog to recognize your calm and feel less alarmed. Dogs are territorial. The issue could be that they don’t recognise that the home they live in and the yard they play in is actually your property *head tilt*.


What do wireless home security cameras have to do with dogs barking at sights and sounds?

When your home is equipped with a security system that lets you check on your property, easily, you know you are safe. It is easier to confidently assert this calm energy over your dog when you know your safe.

Are you thinking of installing a wireless security cameras to make you — and your dog — feel more safe at home? At ICU Protection, we’ve got cameras. Get a quote here: