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How to Make Your Home Less Attractive to Burglars

January 7, 2019

Do you ever wish you could get into the mind of a thief and find out what it is they look for when they target homes?

Of course, you know they look for overgrown bushes, big fences, and an easy way to not be seen. But if you’ve fixed that, what else do they look for?

If you could just know, you would take steps to prevent your home from being a mark. You would create an environment that no burglar would ever want to enter, with the perfect security system.

Guess what? You can know! A news investigative team in Idaho contacted 86 inmates doing time for burglary and asked them to answer a variety of questions anonymously. Here’s what they learned.

They All Knock Before They Break In

You might think that burglaries generally happen under the cover of darkness, but thieves try to steal when it is most likely no one will be home. The survey showed that 12:30pm2pm was the ideal time, because they assumed no one would still be home for lunch and kids would not be home from school.

Some thieves also do surveillance to determine your weekday schedule, whether there was a hidden key, and if you have pets in the home.

But to be sure, every criminal surveyed said they knocked first. If the door was answered, they would pretend to have the wrong house, ask about a supposedly lost dog, or other innocuous request.

What does that mean for you?

Simply put, it means you need a security system with cameras that are active when you aren’t home. A doorbell camera or other security you can access from your phone can mean the difference between a break-in and a safe afternoon in your home.


High-Quality Security Systems Were a Deterrent

Several of the thieves said that they would avoid or deactivate simple security and continue with the theft. However, they almost all said they would leave immediately if an audible alarm went off.

They were also deterred by security cameras around the home, although they also saw this as a sign that more valuables were on the property.

If they heard a radio or TV on inside, they worried someone was home and would skip the house. The same was true if there was a car in the driveway.

What this mean for you is that you can prevent a lot of crime at your home by having a high-quality security system. Choose one that creates noise, has cameras, and otherwise shows criminals you’re serious about keeping them off the property.

Also, consider keeping your most important valuables in a lockbox at a bank or other non-home location.


Big Dogs Are a Deterrent

Small dogs didn’t make much of a difference to the folks that replied to the survey. However, they were concerned about large dogs – partly because they make a lot of noise, and partly because they could cause injury.

Anything that draws attention to a thief and may cause neighbors to realize something is wrong is a big deterrent. That’s why a security system is so important!


Get the Security Your Home Needs Today

When asked what homeowners can do to prevent theft, all the burglars indicated that good lighting, a trimmed yard, and visible security alarms and cameras were significant deterrents.

Of course, you need your security system to be high-quality and up-to-date unless you simply want the criminal to work around it. We can help you get the home security you need. Contact us for a quote today!