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Does my small business need a security system?

April 8, 2018

Interested in investing in a business security system? ICU Protection is here to help small businesses protect their assets and increase their value with top-of-the-line technology. As a local business we know the importance of good, convenient security solutions.

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Business security systems make your small business look good to potential clients and customers.  

Most business owners only see security systems as a measure of protection when something goes wrong. What they often don’t consider is how it makes their small business look. A visible, high-tech business security system makes your business look smarter. Potential clients and customers know they can trust you with their business because they can see you’ve already gone the extra mile to provide safety.

Build your brands trustworthiness and credibility with a business security system.

Cameras and access control will make an insurance claim easier to file.

Should an incident occur, security footage will be invaluable to getting your money back with an insurance claim. If you experience theft, you will have documentation of who had access to the building. You will also possibly be able to show the theft in progress and record what was taken. Police are far more likely to catch a crook and retrieve valuables if the businesses is equipped with a security system.

Insurance is also more affordable when businesses have security systems in place. Your insurance can see that you are taking responsible measures to protect your property and will likely lower your rates.

Often business owners find that their security system will save them enough time and money to cover the expense of getting them installed and monitored.

A security system boosts productivity, but not in the way you might think.

Many business owners find that their employees are most productive when they feel like they are a trusted, valuable member of your team. The last thing you want to do with a security system is make your employees feel like they are being watched. However, you also want to provide a safe working environment for them to work in.

Business security systems will help your business run smoothly. They will make access control easier to manage, and give employees a sense of security should they need to work odd hours.