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Why a Home Security System Deters Burglars

January 7, 2019

Many people think about security systems as something that makes a difference after a break in. They expect the home security system to summon the police or provide video evidence to catch a criminal.

What you may not realize is that having home security can help prevent crimes as much as it helps solve them. Having a great security system can cause criminals to think twice about targeting your home, and they may move on to an easier mark.

Here’s why security is such a deterrent!


Security Serves as a Warning System

A robust home security system goes well beyond an alarm that sounds when someone breaks in. Today, it includes cameras that can film everyone who enters your property.

From doorbell cameras to roof-mounted surveillance, criminals know that a home with great security is watching their every move. The whole idea of a break-in is to get away with it, and knowing your being filmed is a great deterrent.

If criminals see that you have high-quality home security, they know their chance of being caught is much higher.


You Don’t Have to Be Home to Be Secure

Criminals will often choose to break into a home when they expect no one is home. A survey of burglars currently in jail revealed that many thieves target homes between 12:30pm – 2pm. They said this time would ensure anyone home for lunch was gone, and that children were generally still in school.

Thieves also like to focus on homes where they know the owners are on vacation or otherwise away for a long period of time. Telltale signs like a pile of newspapers or overflowing mailbox makes your house a key target.

If you have a great home security system, you don’t have to be home to have your property be safe. From cameras that you can monitor from your cell phone to systems that alert authorities, great security functions no matter where you are.

All the burglars in the survey knocked on the door before they broke in to ensure no one was home. A doorbell cam or other camera that focuses on your front door can send them away quickly.


Security Systems Can Create Unwelcome Noise

One thing that burglars definitely want to avoid is a lot of noise that can alert others to their presence. That’s why having an audible alarm can be a vital part of any home security system.

Burglars in the survey mentioned above noted that large dogs were a deterrent, mostly because of the noise they created when someone entered the property. In the same way, a loud security system deters thieves.

The criminals surveyed said that if an alarm went off, they would leave immediately, especially if it wasn’t obvious how to turn it off.


Get a High-Quality Home Security System Today

Having a simple security setup won’t deter today’s sophisticated criminals. If it’s easy to circumvent or deactivate, they will.

Instead, choose a state-of-the-art home security system that includes cameras, noise to scare off intruders, and more. Don’t just think of your alarm system as a way to catch a criminal. Realize that if it’s done right, it can prevent a crime entirely!

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