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Why Do Our Security Cameras Only Store Footage When There Is Movement?

July 13, 2018

Home and business owners don’t install security cameras to watch their grass grow.

That is why Billy Mac and the team at ICU Protection install motion-activated cameras. These motion detectors are programmed to watch for unusual movement—they don’t save data every time the wind blows—and save it to a hard drive.

Here are a few things you should know about motion-activated security cameras.


Motion activated security cameras are the best option.

Home and commercial security camera systems don’t have one-size-fits-all options. They need to be positioned and programmed to capture images that are useful to the client. A motion detector will only save important footage, preventing the hard drive from filling up with useless footage.

We recommend motion activated security cameras because they provide the best and smartest security surveillance available.


How do motion detectors work?

Some motion detectors work based on charges that generate when light hits a pixel. Security Cameras use a more sophisticated motion detector because they need less sensitivity in some areas and more sensitivity in others. They compare images to determine if there was movement. Then they save footage based on the program’s findings.

The motion detectors on your security cameras are set to watch for movement for particular areas of their view. This is how they know to save only images that are useful to the client. For example: you won’t get an image every time the wind blows the trees in your yard.

Installing security cameras with motion detectors is trickier than it sounds. Even with the extra thinking involved in getting your cameras set up, it is still the best option.

Sometimes it takes a few tries to get the correct percentage of sensitivity on each motion detector. Too much sensitivity and you get unnecessary footage. Not enough sensitivity and you won’t catch the important footage you need.


Motion detection tells the security camera which images to save.

Collecting footage continuously would fill up storage quickly. Once the hard drive has reached its full capacity of footage, it stops collecting it. 24 hours of footage from your security camera a day will fill up a hard drive fast. Leaving you to empty useless footage from the hard drive.

With motion detection, the camera does the work for you. You won’t find yourself emptying out footage of grass growing from your hard drive every day.  That is the main reason security cameras only collect footage when there is movement.