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4 Reasons To Consider A Wireless Home Security System

March 24, 2018

Wireless home security systems are a smart investment for Arkansas residents living in town or out in rural areas. ICU Protection is a local security company that offers installation, 24/7 monitoring, and more. Crime and emergencies don’t take holidays – neither should your security plans. Contact us today to get the peace of mind you deserve.

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1. Wireless Home Security Systems are Perfect to keep an eye on your Pets.

Do your pets spend their leisure time around the house while you are at work? Many homeowners with a wireless home security system use the camera system to check on their pets. You can check on your furry friends from your smartphone or computer to ensure they are safe. Should an emergency occur, an infrared photo will be taken of your home and sent to our 24/7 team. First responders will know where your pets are located before they arrive.

2. For fire safety.

Should something catch fire in your home, the fire alarm will be set off. Wireless home security systems will take an infrared photo of your home and send it to one of our 24/7 team. As we direct the correct emergency responders to your home, we’ll also be able to tell them exactly where the fire is. The infrared photo will also indicate where your pets are located and if anyone is inside the home. This photo can provide invaluable information to first responders.

3. Adjust Temperature Controls while you are Away.

Smart homes might seem expensive. The control smart home technology gives homeowners over the costly, but necessary systems in their homes will save them money in the long run. With remote temperature controls, you can control the HVAC system of your home from anywhere. Make sure the temperature is comfortable for your pets, or turn down the system when you will be away for a while and don’t need the air on.  

4. View your Property on your Phone or Computer.

Speaking of controlling your home with wireless home security systems from anywhere, you can also see your home from anywhere. Our team of experienced technicians will set up your indoor and outdoor cameras so you have a optimum view of your home. Access this view from your smartphone or computer. Use this view to check on package delivery, catch any suspicious behavior alerted by our motion sensors, and more.

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